Frontline Figures

Frontline Figures Information

Figures are 54mm high or 1/32rd scale. This is the standard scale for "toy soldiers"

Howard Swales makes the master figure after a decision is taken and historial research has been undertaken.

After the master has been finished it is sent to our factory where the mould is made and the first castings are returned and approved. After this the casting is painted by one of the partners, sent back and 10 colour proofs are returned, these are checked and returned for full scale production. Three are retained to the H.K. office for referance and the company archive. Figures are produced in batchs of 100 the allows standards to be kept high.

The figures were warded 1st prize for best commercial painted figures at the International Toy Soldier Show 1993 (Washington).

The FRONTLINE FIGURES range is continually being expanded, a typical example being the decision to concentrate on the Crimean War period, and to model the whole of the "Charge of the Light Brigade" and "The Thin Red Line" based on the classic painting by Gibbs, both ranges to include British, French and Russian Regiments, together with the Russian guns.

The increasing production runs required by the company has enabled the Partners to become more insistent on the quality of the product with the Chinese factory, and a new and more detailed casting and finely painted range of figures were produced for the introduction of the Connoisseur Range of Napoleonic mounted French Cavalry and English Infantry Regiments. These figures now show the detail of a shadowed 110 mm figurine in a 54mm toy soldier figure!

Another new breakthrough range employing the Connoisseur painting technique resulted in the launch of the Colonial Classics sets, the first in the series being 18th century Colonial Americans, concentrating on the Eastern seaboard These figures include for Architecturally correct coloured backgrounds to scale, with environmental accessories. These sets appeal to a wider audience than just the military enthusiast, something for the ladies to get interested in!

To date, Frontline Figures have produced in their 54mm range the following subjects: